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You didn't update the delivery graphic so had no idea that my pizza was already being prepared, cook and delivered. I was most surprised when I got the call! Also, I wasn't aware what the minimum spend for free delivery was (if there was one!)

Liam, 28 Sep 2018

Best kebab and pizzas ive had! My fave pizza shop, pizzas are lush, especially bbq chicken pizza!! Unreal! Chips are really nice too! Best in durham and ive tried them all!

Amie , 12 Sep 2018

Can you include portion of chips.

Will, 22 Mar 2018

Always lovely food and delivered quickly so always hot

Marie, 22 Mar 2018

food is great

Shaun, 15 Mar 2018

Order regularly, always nice :)

Zara, 08 Mar 2018

lovely food, always quick delivery

Chloe, 04 Mar 2018


Stephen, 22 Feb 2018


Zak, 17 Feb 2018

Highly recommended

Nicola, 12 Feb 2018

Not since we sat in the shadow of the leaning tower of Pisa have we experienced such authentic Italian cuisine. Truly, Pizza King Durham epitomises the blurring of cultures that make the Brexit vote so saddening. We can only pray that in this twilight of humanity we can continue to enjoy delicious, authentic Italian meals at competitive prices - with speedy delivery times. Eternally yours, Katherine Rose Margaret Fraser

Katie, 10 Feb 2018

Call when outside and someone will meet you outside the college.

Megan, 08 Feb 2018

Best take away in Durham x

Jessica, 03 Feb 2018

Really nice but sometimes must be in the car a while as it’s cold

Wendy, 03 Feb 2018


Mohammed, 26 Jan 2018

Free garlic bread with cheese please best customer :)

Keithy, 24 Jan 2018

service charge?!?!?!?!

Megan, 21 Jan 2018


Paul, 19 Jan 2018

Good food everytime

Nicola, 18 Jan 2018


Justin, 12 Jan 2018


Justin, 12 Jan 2018

It would not allow me to put the postcode that is listed for my residence, the website said it was incorrect though the gps/address says otherwise. Had to assume the post code for the pub down the street was the same as mine.

Sasha, 09 Jan 2018

Lovely food

Scott, 06 Jan 2018

Well worth the wait tremendous pizza

Lindsay, 30 Dec 2017

Free margerita

Mark, 29 Dec 2017


Chloe, 29 Dec 2017